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About Us Sorry Tuffer Teddy Is not for sale

During lockdown I learnt to Machine Embroider & make merchandise to sell so I can keep the clubs going. At the moment I have to fork out a lot of money to hire the rehearsal space and buy and arrange music.

I do not want to put up prices because this cost is a price which means you are not pinching the pennies. At the moment I do not want to introduce a termly charge because the group then becomes inflexible.

My idea is that we have a “UNIFORM” for concerts and suggest you buy a “Winter”  or “Summer”  Scarf. These will give us Uniform look and the more clubs you are in the more additional badges you can buy to put on the scarf.

To give you an idea of the work involved each badge takes me 2 hours to sew

Please invest to help costs.

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