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TO BE MUSICAL  in a Virtually Virtual Concert

Freddy Mercury of the Rock Band Queen wanted his audiences to get more involved in his concerts, as we at Music Fun Factory would  also like,

Queen wrote the song WE WILL ROCK YOU specifically for that reason.

FIRST Music Fun Factory challenges the Community to listen to the link above and at the same time film yourself clapping along. Think of the words Fish and Chips as this will help you keep your rhythm even.

As you record the film try and make the background noise quiet or put headphones on as you sit clapping. Everyone needs to be clapping at the same time and the same speed so you need to listen to the piece as you record else we won’t be able to link it all together. We are happy of videos of simply clapping but if you want to use your imaginations please do. We can make use of your films long or short and any funny clips you may end up taking. Do not harm yourselves or others in the process though.

SECOND Music Fun Factory will issue parts for those that wish to take up the Community Challenge in playing an instrument in this piece. You can be a complete beginner or advanced. , there are parts for everyone. Please email me your standard and the instrument you play and I will send you a part. ( Note Percussion, Digeridoo or Bagpipe parts are NOT available).

When this is all recorded it will be posted on this website for all to see !

Some people have done really good ones and some people ……um very funny.